Monkey Munch Milk Tea Recipe

It’s Delicious!

What’s more refreshing on a hot Hawaiian summer day than enjoying an iced cold glass of Monkey Munch Milk Tea (nondairy might I add)! Having a reservoir stored in your fridge on constant standby is a necessity. With just a few ingredients and some prep, you’ll never revert back to any other beverage ever again!

Check out my Monkey Munch Milk Tea video:

Here’s what you need to make Monkey Munch Milk Tea:

Boil enough water to be able to fill your pot about 1 cm below the brim. Grab 6 of your Lipton Tea Bags and remove the tea leaves from the filters. After pouring all the leaves into the hot water in your pot, add 4 heaping scoops of your nondairy creamer and another 4 heaping scoops of turbinado sugar. Stir until you get a nice.. mmm milk tea brown! It should look something like this:

Monkey Munch Milk Tea in the making!

Let the tea sit for about an hour to allow the flavors to meld together. You really want that Lipton Tea flavor to be strong and balanced with your nondairy creamer and turbinado sugar. Place your filtered lid on your pot and grab your heat resistant glass pitcher to the side. Slowly pour the hot tea from the pot into your glass pitcher at a steady pace to avoid spilling. Once the pitcher has cooled down a bit, it’s ready to chill in your fridge overnight.

The sifter is optional if your pot lid has somewhat of a filter

The best way that I personally love enjoying my Monkey Munch Milk Tea is in a tall glass with a few ice cubes. It goes great to kick off your morning, accompany your daily bible reading and devotional time to start the day off with the right heart, mind, and spirit!

Now that’s refreshing!


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