Kim Chee Loco Moco Recipe

Wait.. Can You Even Do that?!

Sure why not? When I first thought of combining kim chee with loco moco a few things came to mind.. let me share with you!

The original inspiration came from Big City Diner who’s known for their kim chee burger and their kim chee fried rice.. both onolicious dishes! The pairing of the Korean vinegary probiotic just does something magical to what might seem like ordinary, mundane dishes. It sort of reminds me about my marriage where my wifie Bear is kim chee Korean spice to me, the loco moco (crazy booger).

My love!

Check out my Kim Chee Loco Moco video:

Here’s what you need to make Kim Chee Loco Moco:

  • White rice
  • Gravy
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Green onions
  • Ground meat (80% lean, 20% fat)
  • Kim chee
  • A few eggs
  • Sesame seeds

First Thing’s First

Get your rice going so by the time it finishes, you’ll be done with your gravy and burger ready for plating. You can then get started on making the gravy and just letting it simmer. I have to admit that I got a little bit lazy with the gravy. There’s many great ways you can make a gravy from scratch.. but for the sake of this one, I just used a basic McCormick® Brown Gravy Mix while throwing in some mushrooms and onions to give it some chunk. I also added a little salt and pepper to give it a good seasoning.

Preparing Those Burger Patties

Cooking the perfect burgers with an internal temperature of 160°F will give the right meaty layer for your kim chee loco moco. Be sure to get ground meat which is at least 20% fat so that the patties will bind well together. To give it that extra assurance, you can take the yolk of an egg and mix it in. Be sure not to add any seasoning until after crafting your burger patties for the right flavoring. Place them on some parchment paper over a cutting board to avoid sticking. From there you can salt and pepper both sides to your delight.

Get your quality pan (I particularly prefer a Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron skillet) from high to smoke and then down to a medium high. Let the patties just rest while the cast iron does the cooking (it’s tempting to keep flipping but give it at least 2-3 minutes each side). It can be deceiving as the exterior might look well done, so be sure to get your meat thermometer to monitor (160°F is the magic number). Let the cooked patties rest and grab a new pan to get your sunny side or over easy egg complete.

Let’s Build That Tower!

The ordering of your kim chee loco moco is essential to where you want to get some height with a strong enough base to support and balance all that scrumptious goodness! Grab a plate and build a nice foundation of rice. Get your simmering chunky gravy and pour that all over your rice to your liking. Layer your (one, or two.. or three!) burger patties next and then gently place a generous portion of kim chee for a floor of spicy probiotic action. Delicately balance your egg on top without breaking the yolk and finish off the mountain top snowing some green onions and sesame seeds.

I dare to you attempt scaling Mt. Kim Chee Loco Moco!

Kanak attack! Enjoy your nap after lunch 🙂


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