Ahi Poke Bowl Recipe

Ahi Poke Bowls are a MUST try!

Ahi (Hawaiian for tuna) is one of the most prized fish in the world. The style of poke (which means chopped up, diced, sliced) dates back to when ancient Hawaiians caught and prepared fresh fish. This made it clean, ready, and easy to serve mixed with other embellishments such as Hawaiian salt, and limu.

Ahi poke bowls are a staple and a must order here in Hawaii and no one makes them better and more authentic than here in the 808. After a lot of a lot of eating practice and also a decline in ahi prices here on the islands due to COVID-19, I figure it was the best time to experiment with my own version while trying my best to keep it local style.

Check out my Ahi Poke Bowl Recipe video:

Here’s what you need to make Ahi Poke Bowl:

First comes da rice (but PERFECT rice)!

Having great a quality bed of rice is foundational for the onolicious ahi to rest on. My absolute default is making Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice cooked in a Zojirushi Rice Cooker. Surely you’ll have to shell out a few extra dollars for the initial investment, but this 1-2 combo is never failing and you won’t go back to any other method of making rice ever again!

Not to sure if you can get these prices now, but we scored back in May 2020!

Next comes da fishies!

Getting good quality ahi is also another must. At local markets here in Oahu, you can score some cherry deals on auction grade ahi without having to break the bank. I think prices might have crept back up within the last few months, but either way a pound plus of ahi can get you a few meals which is totally worth every dollar.

Next you’ll slice your ahi in either bigger chunks (I like a good amount in every bite!) or any size you choose. I like making a mix of shoyu (soy sauce), a little bit of seasame oil, a pinch of Hawaiian salt, and green onions.. plus regular onion’s to give it an extra kick. Stir it all up and let it sit for a bit so the ahi has some time so soak in all the goodness! I’ll usually top it off with some sesame seeds, and from there you’re ready to plate!

What I call: The Good Good 🙂

Pack a bowl of rice leaving room for your delicious ahi chunks to sit.. and I also like chopping up some avocado to have it on the side. Whenever I have the opportunity, I’m a sucker for adding furikake (dried seaweed mix) to just about anything! You can sprinkle a nice layer over your rice before adding your poke.

Cafe Monkey Munch style Ahi Poke Bowl.. so ono!

Now’s the time you’ve been waiting for whether you want a lot, or a whole lot.. start packing the top with that poke.. then voila! Enjoy your onolicious ahi poke bowl!


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