Why I Became a World Class Michelin Tire Owning Culinary Chef

I ask myself the same question over and over again…

When it comes to life purpose, I believe that with a huge part of it comes our call to create. God as our creator gave us the ability to use our gifts and talents.. not necessarily to make a name for ourselves, but moreso to create impact in this world.

In some ways, I crack myself up, because with what first started off as a funny joke actually turned into something tangible and fun!

This is where history begins…

Cafe Monkey Munch. Honolulu, HI. Circa October 2020.

My wife a.k.a. Bear and I used to joke around calling our kitchen “Cafe Monkey Munch” as we spend the nights exploring through cooking new delights. Some dishes were super tasty as others not so much.. but this became a fun palette for us to creatively try different things. For fun we would post our creations on social media and would get great feedback while others even asked when we’re going to open up a YouTube channel!

That project was something that I always stored in the back of my mind.. but I really doubted my cooking and speaking abilities.. I really didn’t want to create a public spectacle of myself.. but then there was another side of me that was desiring to create on my own projects aside my work from church or clients. COVID-19 kept us more home than usual, so after some brainstorming and just playing around with a few ideas.. I figured.. why not? Let’s do this!!

Logo’s hot, yo.

Come September 2020, Cafe Monkey Munch was birthed!.. but not as an actual restaurant (I still get messages weekly asking where our location is but we don’t exist!).. but more so as a fictitious eatery that can only be found on YouTube. This channel allowed me to explore being able to cook without being perfect and exploring more the history, process, and just good faith trying new things out.. it’s been the perfect platform to simply learn!

Check out my explanation of my Why on this video:

Cafe Monkey Munch as also allowed me to explore other side of myself in front of the camera to others (as I’m usually the one behind the camera filming and behind the computer editing).

I’m real soft on the inside.

For those that know me well, I have a unique way (others might joke as “special”) of viewing certain situations with small kine sarcasm, humor, and good heart.. borderline inappropriate at times perhaps? My persona as “Chef” Monkey allows me to voice a personal commentary of how any one can pretend to be who they’re not in front of others. I find that mild self-deprecating humor, if done with the right heart, allows us to be okay with our flaws and finding it completely fine not being the perfect person, expert, or professional.

With all that said, thank you for joining me and Bear on our cooking / foodie / cultural adventures! Looking forward to eating with you soon!

Mahalo for visiting!

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