The Best Pork Miso Soup (Tonjiru) Recipe

Pork Miso Soup: Therapy to My Soul!

I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ll go to Musubi Cafe Iyasume at Kahala Mall.. yes of course for their amazing musubi’s and bentos.. but what I’ll always get to accompany the local delicacies is a hot bowl of tonjiru.. also known as pork miso soup!

I love how the broth seems to have been simmering from hours with the pork flavors and daikon overflowing with umami goodness! The immediate comfort that I would have from the inside out almost ministers the way.. and maybe even moreso than that morning hot cup of java!

Check out my Pork Miso Soup (Tonjiru) video:

Here’s what you need to make Pork Miso Soup:

  • water
  • miso paste
  • pork (either for soup or even shabu pork works nicely!)
  • fish cakes, mushrooms, anything else you might like to add!

Okay I’m ready to make my own pork miso soup!

Making your own homemade version of tonjiru is super easy! All you need is a big pot of boiling water, miso (which I’m learning to add last to savor the probiotic properties) and pretty much anything else including daikon, mushrooms, carrots, tofu, seaweed, fish cake.. the list goes on!

I’m finding that the less ingredients that I add to the soup but with a focus on the few gives off the best flavors in simplicity! The focus is giving the soup at least a 90 minute simmer to maximize the flavor draw from especially the pork (I like using pork for soup or even shabu pork).

Can’t wait to see your tonjiru recipes! Share in the comments below how your unique pork miso soup recipe!

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