Preparing Before Cooking is Key

When it Comes to Cooking, it’s All About the Prep

After cooking for some time, I realized that there were certain staple ingredients I found myself chopping up over and over again. I thought to myself, “There has to be a better system that will set me up for success!” As a result, I would love to share with you my prep system which has not only saved me overall cooking time but also allowed me to pour my passion into focusing on the main dish!

For me, regular ingredients that I use quite frequently are garlic, green onions, and chives. They come in super handy when I’m cooking some of my personal favorites such as pork miso soup, ahi poke bowls, ribeye steak, ahi tataki, or kim chee loco moco! For others, they might like parsley (not one of my personal favorites) or any thing else you can think that you use on a consistent basis. I figured that preparing these ingredients all in one sitting while storing the rest in the fridge made it easier all around and even allowed my wife instant access to them whenever she wanted to cook!

Check out my Cooking Preparation video:

Here’s what you need to Prep Some Ingredients:

  • garlic
  • green onions
  • chives
  • anything really!!!

Now let’s get you prepped up!

The process is super simple! I’ll usually get a bunch of one particular ingredient (I’ll just say garlic for example sake) and smash the entire bag on a cutting board (probably around 4-5 bulbs). For garlic in particular, I like to keep 3 variations stored in the fridge: minced (finely chopped), sliced (thin slices), and cloves (deshelled).

They’re cute (and useful too!)

Once I’m finished with all my mincing, slicing, and deshelling, I’ll store them in reusable OXO Good Grips Mini POP Containers to keep the ingredients clean, air-tight, and compact. When they’re uniformly stored in the fridge, they not only look slick but are readily available for use.. just like that!

Happy prepping!

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