Story of Jjajangmyeon

Jjajangmyeon (or black bean sauce noodles) is to Korea, as pizza is to the U.S.—it is commonly ordered and delivered to your door for those days you just don’t want to cook. They traditionally bring it to you in a silver tin box and even come back to collect your bowls after you’re done. It is a Korean-Chinese or Chinese-Korean dish depending on how you want to look at it. It was first made in the early 1900s by a Chinese immigrant in Korea, the original restaurant in Incheon Chinatown which, according to Wikipedia, is now a museum in honor of this noodle dish.

The word jjajangmyeon, is derived from the Chinese characters: jjajang => zhajiang (pinyin) for “fried sauce” and myeon => mian (pinyin) for “noodles”. However, it is different in taste from the Northern Chinese dish zhajiangmian, which uses a different base of yellow soy bean paste, sweet bean sauce, hoisin sauce or broad fava bean sauce—depending on the region. The Korean Chinese version uses fermented black bean sauce (aka chunjang) with meat, vegetables, and sometimes seafood. I know it may not sound the most appetizing, but I promise you it is goo~ood … Unfortunately, I don’t have photos, but here are some links below.

This is a restaurant in the Hyoja neighborhood by Gyeongbokgung which serves old-fashioned hand-pulled jjajangmyeon noodles:

How this guy gets over a million views eating jjajangmyeon? I don’t know .. but here it is, Banzz:

Don’t have easy access to jjajangmyeon delivery? Learn how to make your own from Maangchi:

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